The beautiful, fertile Biedouw Valley hemmed in by the Biedouw Mountains to the north, and to the south by the Tra-Tra Mountains, just 32 kilometres from Clanwilliam in the Cederberg.

The essence of the Biedouw Valley is captured just after the rains, when it becomes endowed with an array of spring flowers that capture the imagination of many a visitor here. Local farmers restrict their herds from grazing in the valley during the flower season to assist this glory. Yellow-and-white nemesias nestle alongside blue heliophilas, gazanias, mauve senecios and an array of succulent vygies that are enough to take your breath away.

The Cedarberg Mountains and the area around the Biedouw Valley are a joy to explore. Hikes and walks abound and, although very hot during the summer months, the calming and impressive landscape, endless view to the Karoo and beauty of it all lets visitors return.